Shocking! Seven Bodies Found in Mexico Car, Five Decapitated, One Dismembered, Each with 'Handwritten Messages'

The car, abandoned in traffic on a main expressway in Puebla

Police in Puebla, Mexico, made a chilling discovery on a busy street as they found seven dead bodies inside a car, each with handwritten messages explaining why they were killed.

According to Puebla state chief prosecutor Gilberto Higuera, five of the bodies were decapitated, and one was completely dismembered. The car, abandoned in traffic on a main expressway in Puebla, raised alarm among authorities on Friday (Apr 5).

Crime Scene
7 Dead bodies recovered from a car in Mexico (Twitter)

"We found handwritten messages on paper detailing the reasons for their deaths," stated Higuera, although he didn't directly link the incident to drug cartels but mentioned the car was stolen. Higuera suggested the incident could be tied to a struggle for dominance over certain individuals, not just a dispute between gangs. The police were alerted to the car blocking traffic on the city's main ring road.

These gruesome killings stand out as they occurred in Puebla, known for relatively lower levels of drug-related violence compared to other Mexican cities. Despite its relative safety, Puebla has still witnessed 200 murders in the first three months of the year, according to data from the state prosecutor's office.

The incident sheds light on the ongoing violence in Mexico, with recent killings also targeting local political candidates ahead of general elections, where at least 14 candidates have been killed in separate incidents.