Shocking revelation: Meghan Markle felt her soul was being crushed at Buckingham Palace, says close aide

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
Instagram grab/ Sussex Royal

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped down as royals to escape the harsh scrutiny they face by the media and their decision sent shockwaves across the world. The couple were unhappy being in the spotlight and lashed out at the British media in their documentary 'Meghan and Harry: An African Journey'.

A close friend of Markle spilled the beans on the Duchess' life with the royals at Buckingham Palace and things don't seem to look good. The friend told the Daily Mail that Markle felt suffocated. It was as if her soul being crushed everyday and her royal role was like ''a matter of life or death'' situation.

No escape

The source stated that Markle had no escape from her life at Buckingham Palace and the only way to free herself was to escape from the shackles of the royal name. ''Meghan felt she had to escape because living within the royal confines was soul-crushing.'' The friend added, "She told her inner circle of friends that her soul was being crushed and that the decision to leave was a matter of life or death - meaning the death of her spirit."

Meghan worried about her son Archie

The royal pressures got to Markle so much that she felt she might not be a good mother to her son Archie, as she was not able to live life freely as herself. Her friend said, "She also felt like she couldn't be the best mother to Archie if she wasn't being her true, authentic self. Something she felt she couldn't be in the royal family confines. She couldn't be the best mother while living in the royal family confines."

Markle was worried that her son Archie might pick up her stress and anxiety as he grows up and didn't want the little boy to be confined in a toxic environment. "She said she didn't want Archie picking up on her stress and anxiety. She felt like it was a toxic environment for him because there was too much tension and pent-up frustrations."

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