After Meghan Markle's shocking documentary, Paris Hilton's private life to be laid bare

Paris Hilton
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's documentary 'Harry and Meghan: An African Journey' kicked up a storm as their grievances were laid bare with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealing their personal life to the public and lashing out at the British media for treating them harshly.

Now, Paris Hilton has revealed that she is all set to release her documentary 'This is Paris' which shows her private and personal lives that no one else has seen, including the socialite calling herself a shy girl, who says ''which most people won't believe either''. The documentary would premier on YouTube Originals in May 2020.

To be very emotional

Model, DJ and socialite, Hilton said her documentary is very emotional and shows things which are normally very hard to talk about. She wants to put forward her struggles and her entire life to people out there and says the experience was amazing yet scary.

"It's very emotional this movie, it's very raw, it's very authentic. It's basically my entire life. I talk about things that are very hard to talk about. It was an amazing experience, but also very scary. Watching the film for the first time, I was like, 'Can we cut that out?' I was freaking out but they have total control over the whole film."

Paris revealed that growing up in Hollywood was tough as she couldn't trust most of the people and the true intentions behind their actions. All their betrayals have made her a better and strong person today, she added.

"Growing up in Hollywood, it's very hard to trust people because you don't know what their intentions are. I've definitely been betrayed many times in my life. Going through so much, it's made me the strong person I am today. I don't know that I'll fully trust, but I'm really lucky in my life that I now have people in my circle that I really do."

''I was in on the joke. People thought that's who I really was. I've been judged on a character that I created at the beginning of my career and now I feel like it's really time that people see who the real Paris is."