Shocking Revelation: Masked Man Claims Yungeen Ace Paid $10k for Florida Rapper Julio Foolio's Fatal Shooting on His Birthday

During Foolio's funeral on Monday, his family and friends performed his diss track aimed at Yungeen Ace

In a shocking turn of evnts Florida rapper Julio Foolio whose original name was Charles Jones, was fatally shot on his 26th birthday early Sunday morning in a Tampa North parking lot. The incident has ignited a significant controversy, with many pointing fingers at fellow rapper Yungeen Ace, given their longstanding feud.

Foolio's death has shaken the community, sparking widespread speculation and accusations. During Foolio's funeral on Monday, his family and friends performed his diss track aimed at Yungeen Ace. A video surfaced showing a woman, identified as Foolio's girlfriend, rapping with others at the service, adding to the emotional and charged atmosphere.

Julio Foolio's fatal shooting

Adding fuel to the fire, another video has emerged featuring a masked man claiming Yungeen Ace paid him $10,000 to kill Foolio. In the unverified footage, the man asserts that Foolio was targeted due to his feud with Ace.

"On everything I love, on the dead homies, I put it on everything on my soul, on my kid: I'm the one that smacked Julio Foolio that night when he got dropped at his birthday celebration," the unidentified man states in the video. "I ain't gonna show my face or give my identity away or nothing like that, but you know, I did that."

Julio Foolio shot dead
Rapper Julio Foolio was shot dead by an unidentified gunman in a hotel parking lot shortly after celebrating his 26th birthday X

The man continues, "There was money on his head. I rock with Ace and them boys, ATK. I be in Jacksonville heavy. If you know, you know. I handled that because Ace had that money on his head, Ace had them put that 10K up. Told me to slide, told me to smack Foolio 'cause he got tired of that n***a running his mouth, playing all the time, you feel me?"

The rivalry between Ace from ATK and Foolio from Jacksonville's KTA has been intense since 2017. It escalated in 2018 when Foolio's relative, Zion Brown, was killed in a shooting. Investigations linked the crime to an associate of Ace, who was subsequently charged with murder, according to a Florida-based news outlet.

The ongoing feud between the two rappers has been well-documented, with both sides releasing diss tracks and engaging in public disputes. This latest incident has brought the rivalry back into the spotlight, raising questions about the influence of gang affiliations and violence in the rap community.

Foolio, known for his gritty lyrics and raw storytelling, had a significant following in Jacksonville and beyond. His death has not only left a void in the music scene but also highlighted the dangers and repercussions of violent rivalries in the industry.

As the investigation continues, fans and community members are left grappling with the tragedy and its implications. The authorities have not yet confirmed the authenticity of the video or the claims made within it, leaving many unanswered questions.

In the meantime, Julio Foolio's family and friends mourn his loss, remembering him for his music and the impact he had on those around him. The controversy surrounding his death serves as a stark reminder of the violent realities that can accompany fame and success in the rap world.