Shocking New Video Shows Pence and Family Being Rushed to Safety as Rioters Shout 'Kill Mike Pence'

The dramatic new footage was shown by house managers during former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial on Wednesday.

Chilling new footage from Capitol riot on January 6 shows secret services agents rushing former Vice President Mike Pence, his wife and daughter to safety from his hiding place adjoining the Senate chamber as angry MAGA rioters chase him shouting "hang Mike Pence." The dramatic new footage was shown by house managers during former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial on Wednesday.

In another equally dramatic video Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman is seen leading a mob away from the chamber doors, while yet another video shows the officer directing Senator Mitt Romney to safety as he ran to respond to a breach. Needless to say, the previously unreleased series of video footages shown on Wednesday can prove to be extremely damaging for Trump.

Shocking Footage

Mike Pence
Mike Pence being rescued by secret service agents during the Capitol Riot and Senate Chamber insurrection Twitter

The first of the videos shows Pence, his wife Karen and daughter Charlotte being escorted by officers down the stairs and moved to another safer location in the Capitol. As Pence and his family is being rushed, noise can be heard from behind with a furious mob chanting death threats from the other end. The mob later comes within meters of the room where Pence was hiding with his family but luckily they manage to escape seconds earlier.

As the spine-chilling footages were shown to the House, one US Senator Lisa Murkowski, from Trump's own Republican party, couldn't control herself and said that the evidence presented so far was "pretty damning."

Democratic Rep. Stacey Plaskett, who was playing the footages during the trail, said that most of them were form security cameras. She then stressed on the part of the video where Trump supporters can be seen yelling "Kill Mike Pence."

In another video, Goodman can be seen steering a mob away from Senate chambers shortly after insurrectionists in tactical gear. Goodman can be seen trying to pacify the mob as he says: "Don't do it. Don't do it."

The video shows at least one person carrying a baseball bat, while others storming in with flagpoles in their hands, as they broke through the windows on the Senate side of the Capitol. Once inside, they screamed: "Where are they counting the votes?"

In yet another video, officer Goodman is seen gesturing towards Romney, who was moving toward the House, where a large mob was already creating rampage. Romney immediately does a 180-degree turn and escapes. "I did not know that was Officer Goodman but I look forward to thanking him when I next see him," Romney said after the clip played. "I was very fortunate indeed that Officer Goodman was there they get me in the right direction."

Trump in Trouble

Wednesday was the second day of the impeachment trial, and the video footages many including Republicans believe, can prove to be damaging for Trump. Representative for Texas Joaquin Castro in his statement accused Trump of failing in his duties as Commander-in-chief to protect people within the Capitol.

Castro said that while the rampage was on, Trump tweeted about Pence that he "didn't have the courage to do what should have been done." This further instigated the rioters. One of the videos shows Trump's supporters spreading word of Trump's tweet to one another on bullhorns.

"He further incites the mob against his own vice president, whose life was being threatened," Castro said. "Donald Trump left everyone in this Capitol for dead."

New footage also showed the moment Trump's supporters stormed into the Capitol Building, with Plaskett pointing out the first man who entered the building was wearing "full tactical body armor and carrying a baseball bat."

Another video clip showed rioters searching for Nancy Pelosi in and around her office, with Plaskett revealing that Pelosi had been pulled entirely from the building for her own safety.

The trial, which got under way earlier this week, could finish as early as Saturday or Sunday, according to reports. However, conviction, which is quite unlikely, could lead to a vote to bar Trump from running for office again.

Senator Mitt Romney being rescued by Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman Twitter