Shocking New Video Shows MAGA Rioter Attacking Capitol Cop with Fire Extinguisher; Was it Brian Sicknick?

The disturbing video shows one rioter appearing from nowhere with a fire extinguisher in his hand and throwing it at the police officer who collapses on the ground.

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A shocking new video that has gone viral on social media captures the moment a MAGA rioter attacking a cop at the Capitol last Wednesday by throwing a fire extinguisher at his head. Authorities are trying to find out if the cop seen in the video is Brian Sicknick, who died of injuries after being hit on his head during last week's riot at the Capitol.

Only a few dozen police guarded the West front of the Capitol when they were rushed by thousands of Trump supporters bent on breaking into the building. Sicknick was among the handful of cops who were posted there when he was attacked with a fire extinguisher in his head.

Disturbing Scene

The shocking video opens with helpless cops trying to fight off a chaotic mob who try to trying to get up the steps to enter the House and Senate chambers. Some rioters try to push an officer into another group of officers who are trying to keep other at bay. 'They're getting into the Capitol tonight! They're getting in,' the man filming shouts in delight.

All of a sudden, another rioter appears from nowhere with a fire extinguisher in his hand and throws it at the police officer. The fire extinguisher can be seen flying off and hitting one cop in the head and then bounces toward another cop.

Fire Extinguisher
The Fire extinguisher being thrown at the on-duty officer Twitter

The officer who gets hit in the head can be seen collapsing. The three-minute clip shows other pro-Trump demonstrators launching objects at the officers. The video then captures the horrifying moment the Capitol building was overrun by members of far right groups, white nationalists, Neo-Nazis and supporters of conspiracy theory QAnon. The video ends there. It is not known what happens to the officer although investigations are on.

Was it Sicknick?

It is still not clear if the officer in the video is Sicknick or another officer who was subject to a similar attack. Social media users since then have been debating that it could be Sicknick given that the video looks like to have been shot at the same place where Sicknick too was doing his duty last Wednesday.

Brian Sicknick
Brian Sicknick Twitter

Detectives too have been trying to ascertain if the person in the video is the martyred cop. The mob that barged into the Capitol, ransacked the place, smashing windows and waving Trump, American and Confederate flags. The lawmakers who were voting to affirm President-elect Joe Biden's victory were forced into hiding for hours.

Several police officers were injured, mocked, ridiculed and threatened during the attack, with one getting killed. Sicknick died Thursday night from injuries suffered during the riot. Sicknick was the fifth person to die because of the Capitol protest violence. The other four were pro-Trump demonstrators.

Pelosi ordered flags at the Capitol lowered to half-staff in Sicknick's honor. So far, at least 82 people have been arrested and more than 55 have been charged over the insurrection, with hundreds being hunted by the authorities. Among the 25 are being investigated on terrorism charges.