Shocking new picture affirms US faked moon landing? Conspiracy theorists say so

Conspiracy theorists are sensationally claiming that the US has faked moon landing, and this time, they have come up with clinching proofs to substantiate

Fake moon landing

A new photo featuring a man walking on the moon's surface during the Apollo 17 mission without a space suit is now fueling rumours of a fake moon landing conducted by the US Government. The United States has always boasted about taking men to the moon for the first time in the history, but now, recent claims made by conspiracy theorists indicate that the whole thing is fabricated by the Federal Government.

Are lunar missions fake?

Conspiracy theories regarding fake moon landing have been rounding the world since the day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on Earth's natural satellite. Many theorists have claimed that the first lunar mission was faked by the US to claim victory over the USSR in the cold war period. The recent images which are out now were taken during the sixth and final mission - Apollo 17. As per theorists, this final mission was also faked, and they also reveal that humans have never landed on the moon.

Apollo 17 mission emerging as a controversial lunar mission

The Apollo 17 mission was headed by astronaut Eugene Cerman. According to NASA, the three-man team landed on the lunar surface and walked there. Now, a close-up image from the famous mission has surfaced on the internet and it is making people believe that the entire mission was filmed on a Hollywood movie set.

In a YouTube video, a user named Streetcap1 has sensationally claimed that the visor worn by one of the astronauts is reflecting the figure of a man standing on the surface of the moon without wearing a space suit. Interestingly, the man on the reflective visor has also not worn the safety backpack which astronauts used to wear during space missions.

Earlier, a group of conspiracy theorists has claimed that moon is actually a secret alien base. According to them, humans are not going to visit moon anymore, as aliens have warned us not to go there ever.