Shocking Moment Florence Pugh Is Hit in the Face with Flying Object as She Appears on 'Dune 2' Panel at Comic Con Event in Sao Paulo [WATCH]

Pugh, known for her role in "Midsommar," appeared to swiftly recover from the incident, and her fellow cast members checked in to ensure she was okay.

Florence Pugh became the latest celebrity to get hit by an object thrown at her while on stage. The 27-year-old English actress was in Sao Paulo, Brazil, attending a Comic-Con event to promote Dune: Part Two on a panel on Sunday alongside her co-stars Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler, and Zendaya.

The Oscar-nominated star of Little Women was left shocked for a moment when an object struck her face. The incident occurred as the cast members, along with director Denis Villeneuve, were posing for photos before exiting the stage. This incident is the most recent occurrence in a troubling trend where celebrities have been hit with objects thrown from the audience.

Narrow Escape from Injury

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh is seen being hit by a flying object from the audience as she posed with her co-stars at Comic Con in Sau Paolo, Brazil X

A video circulated on social media captured the moment the unidentified object took Pugh by shock as she was posing for photos with her fellow cast members, including Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, and Austin Butler.

Pugh, known for her role in "Midsommar," appeared to swiftly recover from the incident, and her fellow cast members checked in to ensure she was okay.

During the panel, Pugh said that being part of the sequel to the hit movie felt "really, really special." She shared her excitement about appearing alongside her co-stars at the large-scale event.

"I had an amazing time coming in and just hanging around with these people, let alone actually getting to work with them," Pugh said. "Coming in here - the power in this room - is because of that first movie, and we felt that when we went on set every single day."

On social media, numerous fans of the Black Widow star condemned the dangerous trend of targeting celebrities with thrown objects.

Florence Pugh
The flying object seen hitting Florence Pugh in the face X

"Disgusting. it's going to get to the point where people do not want to do live events or concerts. If they have to be worried about people throwing stuff at them and getting hurt," one user tweeted.

"That's so unfair could've easily hurt her," another person chimed in.

"oh my gosh people are so rude!" a third added.

Not the First One

Pugh, 27, known for portraying Princess Irulan Corrino in "Dune: Part Two," joins a list of other famous names who have faced similar situations of objects being thrown at them during public events.

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh's costars quickly ensured that she was safe X

In a recent incident, singer Ari Lennox expressed dismay after a concertgoer threw a bottle in her direction while she was performing at the Forum in Inglewood, California.

The Washington, D.C. native, who was the opening act for Rod Wave, had just started singing her signature track "Pressure" when the bottle narrowly missed her.

In a social media video circulating after the incident, the R&B singer, whose full name is Courtney Shanade Salter, can be heard saying, "'B****, don't f***ing play with me. Stop that s, I'll f*** you up."

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh seen picking up the unidentified object after it was thrown at her X

The Got Me artist faced a specific section of the arena as she continued her statement: "Who did it? Who the f*** did it? I don't play that, I'm a real-ass b****, and I will f*** your s*** all the way the f*** up."

Entertainment Weekly reported that the microphone Ari Lennox was using was turned off, and her security team promptly escorted her off the stage.

Earlier this month, during her show at Estadio River Plate in Buenos Aires, Taylor Swift addressed the audience and advised them not to throw presents onto the stage, emphasizing safety concerns associated with such actions.

"It really freaks me out when stuff gets thrown on the stage," Swift said. "Because if it's on the stage then a dancer can trip on it.

"I love that you brought presents and that is so nice, but just can you please not throw them on the stage. I love you so much."

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh in Dune 2 X

In July, during his Love on Tour in Vienna, Austria, Harry Styles encountered a similar situation when he was struck in the eye by a flying object while performing.

Following the incident, the "Watermelon Sugar" singer, 29, was visibly wincing in pain and covered his face with his hands.

The month prior, Bebe Rexha suffered a black eye when she was hit by a cell phone during a performance in New York City.

The person responsible for throwing the mobile device, Nicolas Malvagna, was subsequently arrested and charged for the incident.

Also, Drake experienced a similar incident during the Chicago stop of his It's All a Blur Tour over the summer when he was hit by a phone.