Shocking: Mexican Man Who Lost His Wife in Spa Shooting Was Handcuffed Like a Suspect

A Mexican-American man named Mario Gonzalez, who had visited Young's Asian Massage & Spa parlor with his 33-year-old wife Delaina Ashley Yaun, was met with gunfire as Robert Aaron Long went on a rampage killing eight people, including six Asians.

Sadly, Gonzalez' wife Yaun was one among the eight killed in the Atlanta spa shooting.

The police, instead of consoling the grieved man who lost his wife, put him in handcuffs for hours, treating him as a suspect without telling him that his wife had been killed by the attacker.

Mario Gonzalez with his wife Ashley Yaun
Facebook / Mario Gonzalez

Gonzalez said he was in a separate room when the gunfire broke out and he fled to safety but his wife who was in a different room taking therapy never came out alive.

The couple had decided to spend time relaxing at the spa while taking a break from raising their two young children.

"They knew I was her husband," Gonzalez said in an interview with a Spanish-language news site Mundo Hispanico, and continued that he was taken to police custody in handcuffs despite having nothing to do with the shootings.

''They had me at the police station for all that time until they investigated who was responsible or what had happened,'' he said.

Mario Gonzalez wife Ashley Yaun Atlanta Shooting
Facebook / Mario Gonzalez

Gonzalez revealed he kept asking the officers about his wife but none of them replied to his plea.

Gonzalez's niece Jessica Gonzalez revealed to the DailyMail: "He kept asking, 'Where's my wife? Where's my wife?' and nobody would give him an answer. He didn't get an answer until a couple hours later," that his wife was dead.

When asked by the Spanish website why was he treated so inhumanly by the police, Gonzalez revealed that maybe the cops were racists.

"I don't know, maybe because I'm Mexican,'' he said and continued, ''Because the truth is that they treated me very badly."

Even his niece revealed that he was subjected to harsh treatment due to racism.

She told the DailyMail, ''I think it was a racial thing. [Mario] was the only one left in handcuffs,'' while she stated the others were given comfort during the testing time.

Gonzalez pleaded for support saying he has two children to manage all by himself and the last thing he wants now is to be subjected to racism by the authorities. ''What I need now is support, because I have a boy and a girl. They took the most valuable thing I have in my life.''

He also added that the killer Robert Aaron Long deserves to die for his evil act and should not be allowed to go scot free by the law. ''At minimum he deserves to die, just like all of those people died."