Video: Donald Trump Mocks Joe Biden For Slipping Down the Stairs of Air Force One

Donald Trump mocked President Joe Biden for slipping down the stairs of Air Force One. Trump, who hosted the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis at Mar-a-Lago, was seen standing at a podium with the backdrop of the American and Florida's flag as he took a swipe at Biden and DeSantis is seen standing next to the former president.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden fell while climbing the stairs of the Air Force One on Friday. Twitter

The video which was recorded by attendees on their mobile phones shows Trump saying he can't lose to a person who could fall off so easily and went ahead saying he received 75 million votes hinting again that the election was fraudulent and Biden couldn't have gotten more votes than him without cheating.

In the video, Donald Trump looks his usual bluster and is heard saying: ''We watched as Joe Biden went up the stairs today. Very impressed. You see I didn't lose to him, which we didn't lose to him. Almost 75 million votes and probably lots more than that.'' He said as people in the crowd were heard laughing, cheering and agreeing to every word he said. Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey are seen enjoying the former president's speech.

This is one among the unusual rare appearances of Donald Trump post presidency and was posted online by a few fan groups of the 45th president. Several fan groups also made hilarious mockup videos of Trump hitting a golf ball against Biden which made him slip down the stairs thrice. The Trump audience loved every bit of the mockup videos and is trending on conservative circles.

Trump's 'I Won The Election' Narrative Has Not Stopped Even After Insurrection

On the fateful day of January 6, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol after hearing his speech urging them to march towards the building and just when you thought he would stop using the word 'election fraud' henceforth, Trump at every appearance be it CPAC 2021, or on a phone call with Fox News and speeches at Marr-a-Lago, has not missed an opportunity saying ''we won'' the election.

Not just Trump, several conservatives with a large social media following have pupated Trump's words showing distorted data and videos giving an illusion that the former president was removed from office by unethical ways used by Democrats to grab power.