SHOCKING: Massive Alligator Swims In Alabama Woman's Front Yard Flooded By Hurricane Sally [VIDEO]

The video shows 10 to 12 feet long alligator swimming through the woman's yard that was flooded by the rains caused by hurricane Sally

As hurricane Sally made landfall in Alabama, it brought with it torrential rains and floods. But to the surprise of Tina Lambert Bennett, the hurricane also brought an unusual visitor who decided to have a swim in her flooded front yard —a massive 10 to 12 foot long and nearly 3.5-ft wide alligator.

Bennett a resident of Gulf Shores, Alabama, shared videos on her social media account where a huge alligator can be seen swimming in the floodwater that the hurricane filled her front yard with. Bennett can be heard exclaiming, "Oh, my God! This is outside of our window. It is a 10- or 12-foot alligator."

Alligator swimming in the front yard Facebook Screengrab/Tina Lambert Bennett

Along Came an Alligator

In the first video that was shared by Bennett on 16 September, the mighty reptilian can be seen wading through the water and trying to find his way around the newly formed 'pool'. Accompanying the video was a caption that not only highlighted the bizarre sight but also the difficulties that the hurricane has brought with it.

"Our home on Plash Island in Gulf Shores this morning this thing is 10-12 feet long and at least 3.5 feet wide. Lots of poisonous snakes as well we are surrounded by water," Bennett wrote. Soon Bennett posted another video where the crocodile is seen making its way into the neighbor's driveway.

"Yo, look at the alligator that is right outside the window!" Bennett can be heard describing the sight excitedly. "He is going into the neighbor's driveway. This is why we don't want to go outside out here on the island." She also added that they have poisonous snakes, alligators and water.

Like A Scene Out of A Hollywood Flick

While the frightful site is enough to send chills down one's spine, the hilarity it evoked was not lost among Facebook users. "Cockroaches would mean nothing at this point," wrote one user. "A lil gator never hurt nobody!!!" wrote another.

Another cheeky comment read: "tbh the whole time I lived in FL I dreamed of seeing an alligator IRL so I'm LIVING for this. I'll protect y'all." Some users also made reference to Hollywood movies from which this weird incident seem to come out of. "This reminds me of the movie crawl," a comment said. "Ever seen Crawl stop playing with them gators," quipped another.

This article was first published on September 18, 2020