HILARIOUS: Monkey Steals Man's Phone, Clicks Selfies and Makes 'Cool' Videos Before Abandoning It

The 'culprit', a long-tailed macaque, stole the phone while the 20-year-old owner slept, and abandoned it later after capturing pictures and videos

Monkeys are known to be hilarious pranksters and on occasion, notorious thieves. A Malaysian man found himself a victim of a primate 'thief'—a long-tailed macaque—who stole his phone only to abandon it; not before capturing hilarious content on the device—a bunch of selfies, slow-motion and time-lapse, portraits and numerous upside-down clicks.

A 20-year-old Malaysian student, Zackrydz Rodzi, narrated on Wednesday that when he woke up from a nap last Saturday, his phone was nowhere to be found in his bedroom. While he found the phone's casing lying under his bed, there was no evidence of a break-in at his home in Malaysia's southern state of Johor.

The monkey that stole the phone Twitter/@Zackrydz

Tracking Down the 'Culprit'

Zackrydz's house is situated at the edge of a jungle. So when his father spotted a monkey the following day, he looked for the iPhone in the jungle close to their backyard. After calling on his number using his brother's phone, he found his ringing phone under a palm tree. While the phone was covered in mud and its screen protector was peeled off, it was in excellent working condition.

The monkey's attempt's at a panoramic shot Twitter/@Zackrydz

However, Zackrydz's joy of retrieving his lost phone was soon overtaken by the excitement of finding hilarious content made by the macaque. "My uncle was joking that maybe the monkey took some selfies with the phone. ... So when I checked my phone picture gallery, I was shocked. The suspect's face was plastered on the screen. It was hilarious," Zackrydz was quoted saying by the AP News.

Leaving Behind 'Cool' Content

Another upside down click by the monkey Twitter/@Zackrydz

A large part of the 'content' shot by the monkey, were blurry pictures. However, some of them showed the furry culprit's face. A video taken from atop of tree captured flashes of the monkey opening his mouth wide and appeared to be trying to eat the device.

The monkey licking the phone Twitter/@Zackrydz

What left Zackrydz scratching his head was that while there were other articles in his room, such as a camera, the primate made away only with the phone. He deduced that the monkey must have mistaken the phone for food due to its colorful casing. "My house is now in a total lockdown," said Zackrydz jokingly. He added that he was keen to not be in a similar 'situation' again.