Shocking! Lil Tay, the young singer who was announced dead a month ago returns with new track 'Sucker 4 Green'

Instagram Account Hack and a False Post Led to the Rumor of Her Death

Lil Tay's journey over the past year has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. About a month ago, the internet was sent into a frenzy when an Instagram post falsely claimed that the self-proclaimed "youngest flexer" and her older brother had tragically passed away.

The shockwaves from this announcement reverberated across the online world. However, the truth swiftly emerged, dispelling the rumors and confirming that the siblings were both healthy and very much alive.

Lil tay

As the dust settled in the weeks that followed, Lil Tay has made a triumphant return to the public eye with a fresh single titled "Sucker 4 Green." In this new track, she proudly boasts about her wealth, a theme that harks back to her earlier YouTube videos where she flaunted her opulence and proudly declared her departure from Harvard. Her representatives issued a statement, declaring, "Lil Tay is not just making a comeback to social media; she's also dropping a major single and an accompanying music video."

In an effort to build anticipation for her latest music video, Lil Tay went live on Instagram to make a grand announcement. She declared, "I'm back and ready to shed light on everything that's been happening. I've spent years honing my craft and perfecting my art, and this moment means the world to me." The young artist hinted that her video would provide a glimpse into the world she's been meticulously crafting, emphasizing, "The essence of my identity is reflected in the song's title. You can either embrace it or make way for the changes ahead."

Lil Tay first gained viral fame on YouTube back in 2018, when she was a mere 9 years old. However, she vanished from the online world just as swiftly as she had burst onto the scene. Fast forward to August 2023, and her previously dormant Instagram account suddenly displayed news of her demise.

A statement, which has since been deleted, mournfully announced, "It is with a heavy heart that we share the devastating news of our beloved Claire's sudden and tragic passing." However, within a day, Lil Tay cleared the air in a statement to TMZ, revealing that the post on her Instagram had been the work of a hacker.