Hollywood actor Johnny Depp reportedly regrets becoming an actor. He lamented recently how his life is full of problems and complications only because of highly successful career in acting.

According to Express, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor said, "I would have told my younger self to get out of this business immediately. I would have said, 'It's gonna get weird.'"

It has been undoubtedly a tough time for the 53-year-old actor who finalized a bitter divorce battle with actress Amber Heard, in January of 2017. Moreover, during the divorce proceedings Depp received a lot of negative publicity as Heard accused him of domestic abuse.

In May 2016, the actress filed for divorce from Depp after 15 months. The actress claimed that she is splitting from the actor due to "irreconcilable differences."

Heard even gave the details of the alleged domestic abuse which she published on Porter magazine.

According to inquisitr, the actor is currently entangled in an epic legal battle with his former managers, The Management Group (TMG). The actor even sued the company in January stating that there was "gross mismanagement" of his affairs, negligence, and fraud. Depp demanded for $25 million in damages.

However, TMG filed a counter-suit on Depp claiming that the actor suffered from "compulsive spending disorder," and that he needed to be evaluated for mental health issues.

A negative impact on the image, messed up personal life was not enough, Depp also allegedly clashed with Disney while the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was on.

According to Business Insider, Sources claim that the actor was causing a lot of problems on the set by drinking heavily as well as coming late for which the others had to keep waiting for hours.