Frozen 2: Plot, release date, lesbian princess and more!

The origin of Queen Elsa's magnificent powers was kept as a mystery in the first movie.

Frozen (Youtube)

Disney's one of the most popular animated movie, "Frozen," confirmed that it will have its sequel. In fact, the producer of the film Peter Del Vecho even hinted a little bit about the plot of the upcoming sequel.

According to Yibada, sources revealed that Del Vecho's said that the sequel will build on the first movie which itself says a lot.

The origin of Queen Elsa's magnificent powers and also the questions about her true lineage was kept as a secret in the first movie. So, it is expected that the upcoming sequel will unveil all the mysteries about Queen Elsa.

It is speculated that Elsa is possibly not a real daughter of the late King and Queen of Arendelle. Her magnificent powers certainly cannot come from ordinary human beings. And, therefore the sequel will certainly have the back story of Elsa as the crucial part of the movie. This may also lead to a dispute as to who is the rightful heir to the throne.

Apart from this, fans are also speculating that the movie will show the romantic life of the Queen, who can possibly be a lesbian. It was previously reported by Showbiz Maven that for a pretty long time, the gay community has strongly advocated for greater LGBT representation in Hollywood.

In fact, Itechpost mentioned in an earlier report that in Frozen 2, Princess Elsa and Olaf will find their love. Olaf will fall for a beautiful snow-woman. And, Princess Elsa will fall for a girl.

According to the reports, "this sparked a controversy amongst parents and Disney movie lovers as it is completely reverse to the Disney tradition and culture."

Since it has not been officially confirmed, it can be mere rumours. Moreover, the producer of the movie said that they are working hard on Frozen 2's plot so that it does not disappoint the viewers.

According to the reports, "Frozen 2" is scheduled to be released on Nov. 27, 2019.

This article was first published on May 10, 2017
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