Hong Kong protest march
Hong Kong protest march YouTube grab

The Hong Kong protesters set a man on fire on Monday afternoon after the victim apparently refused to support their anti-China stance. The deeply unsettling and disturbing video shows the man engaged in a conversation with a group of people. Suddenly a protester, apparently a masked man, throws flammable liquid on him sets him alight.

The utterly shocking incident took place in the New Territories district of Ma On Shan. Disturbing videos of the attack soon spread on social media platforms. The condition of the man is unknown.

GRAPHIC WARNING: The video is utterly disturbing as it shows a man being set afire

In an alarming escalation of the violence earlier in the day, a masked protester was shot in the chest by a police officer. Three more live rounds were fired but it was not clear from the footage if any other protester was wounded. The incident happened as masked protesters trying to hold up Monday morning traffic clashed with the police.

In another violent turn of events last week, Hong Kong's pro-Beijing lawmaker Junious Ho was stabbed in an apparent assassination bid.

Hong Kong protests erupted after the administration of Carrie Lam proposed a controversial extradition bill that would allow the accused to be extradited to other countries including China. Though the bill was withdrawn in the face of the protests, the agitation has gone into the sixth months after it took on a broader pro-democracy overtones.

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