Shocking Footage Shows White Student Assaulting Black Teacher Because She 'Pissed her Off'

A female white student called her mom after hitting her teacher and told her 'she's black and pissing me off.'

A video of a teacher being slapped by a white female student at Castleberry High School is doing rounds on the internet. The incident, which took place at Castleberry High School in Fort Worth Texas, appeared to have been filmed by another student present in the class. The footage was posted on Twitter on Friday, November 19.

The student called her mom from the classroom after assaulting the black teacher and told her "she's black and she's pissing me off!" No information on the identities of the teacher of the student was available at the moment. It is also not clear whether any action has been taken against the student.

Footage from the class
Footage from the class Screen grab - Twitter @SmashDaTopic

'She's Black and she's f**king pissing me off right now'

The video of the incident showed the female student stomping angrily towards the teacher at the front of the class from her seat, while the latter appeared to make a phone call from a landline. The student then attempted to cut the call and when the teacher tried to stop her, she slapped her hard on her hand. The student recording the video could be heard screaming in disbelief. The teacher then calmly walked around the desk towards the student and could be heard saying, "I did not touch you. You touched me."

The teacher proceeded to ask the student to leave the class, leading her to the door, but the student started dialing a number on the landline. When the teacher tried to stop her, she screamed "No, I am calling my momma. You ain't about to f**k me up, b***h" in her face. The student was then heard telling her mom that she needs down there right now because "this teacher's about to get f**ked up if she doesn't get the f**k away from me." "You want to talk to her because she's Black and she's f**king pissing me off right now?" she said.

The student then threw the phone toward the teacher in aggression, but it fell on the floor. The teacher then picked up the receiver and gently placed it back as the student walks out of the classroom.