Married Reedley Teacher Caught Having Sex With Teen Student Multiple Times During 'One-On-One' Meetings

A married Reedley teacher has been arrested after allegedly being caught having sex with a 14-year-old male student. According to reports, Krystal Jackson, 39, of Kingsburg, has been accused of rape in a sexual relationship with a teenage student.

Jackson was booked following an investigation after detectives from the Fresno County Sheriff's Office and the Internet Crime (ICAC) Task Force on Children in Central California received information of the teacher engaging in continuous sexual abuse of the teenager. Jackson works as a high school teacher at Mountain View (Independent Study) School in Reedley.

It has been learned that Jackson had several one-on-one meetings with the teenage boy at the Dunlap Leadership Academy and had sex with the minor over an unspecified amount of time.

The investigation further revealed that Jackson had sex with the teenager at least three times over the last year. Before joining Mountain View as a school teacher last year, Jackson had worked for several other school districts in the area.

Reedley teacher caught having sex
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What Are the Charges Against High School Teacher Krystal Jackson?

Reportedly, Jackson has been booked on four counts of rape, oral copulation with a child, along with other child abuse charges.

Deputies investigating the case also believe that there may be other victims who gave not reported the high school teacher's actions.

Jackson had sex with the teenage student while she was working as a teacher at Mountain View. Detectives met Jackson's victim at the Dunlap Leadership Academy where she worked and discovered that the teenage boy was a student.

Sex Crimes in School

Earlier, IBTimes had reported some similar cases of teachers being booked for sex crimes.

Last Thursday, the FBI arrested a Foxboro teacher Thomas Davis for having sex with a teenage student he lured through a gay dating app. Authorities seized Davis' laptop and other electronic devices that had child porn images and X-rated videos after his arrest.

In another similar case, Ariel Madden Reed, a high school teacher, was caught having sex with a 15-year-old student on multiple occasions. Reed, a teacher at Sebring High School, was charged with 10 counts of sexual battery.

, if anyone notices such behavior in the future, they can contact Detective Hoseleon (559) 600-8205 or Crime Stopper (559) 498-7867.