SHOCKING: Dog sentenced to death for biting child in Pakistan
Representational image of a pet dog Pixabay

A local court in Pakistan's Punjab province punished a pet dog by giving death sentence for biting a child. According to Geo TV, the canine was given death penalty in Bhakkar's Klor vicinity in Punjab province by Assistant Commissioner Raja Saleem.

Assistant Commissioner said that the sentence was announced on humanitarian grounds. "The dog injured the child hence it should be killed," Saleem told ANI.

Saleem also said that an official was also instructed to check the dog's registration, stating that a case against the dog's owner is in progress in a civil court.

Jamil, the dog's owner filed an appeal with the Additional Deputy Commissioner against the peculiar punishment. "The affected child's family registered a case against my dog, following which it completed a one-week prison sentence. Any further punishment for it would be unfair," Geo TV quoted the dog's owner Jamil as saying.

He even said that if necessary he would plead all the courts to make sure that justice is served to his pet.