Tourist throws stones at kangaroos in China zoo to get them hopping
Representational image of kangaroos Reuters

A video of a Chinese tourist throwing rocks at kangaroos in a zoo in eastern China on Sunday has gone viral. The man was apparently trying to get the kangaroos hop around in the zoo. This is the latest example of callous behaviour towards animals seen in the world's most populous nation.

The People's Daily reported that a middle-aged man was filmed throwing palm-sized rocks at kangaroos in Zhuyuwan Zoo in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province. The staff at the zoo has confirmed the incident.

The animals had been at rest when their slumber was interrupted by the man. According to a witness, the man gleefully photographed the kangaroos after some of the rocks hit the sleeping animals. When other visitors tried to stop him, he brushed off his behaviour and insisted that he was not in the wrong by saying that he rarely visited zoos.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media with the netizens unanimously condemning the man's behaviour. Some of them have been asking for him to be the one thrown in a cage and getting hit by stones. "That selfish idiot should be put in jail and have people throw rocks at him," wrote one commenter.

Earlier this month, a video depicting a teenaged boy attacking two black swans and stomping on their eggs also caused a stir online. Later, the teenaged suspect was arrested by the police.