Shocking allegations against Tom Cruise by former Scientologist

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Tom Cruise has been a part of Church of Scientology from a very long time. The Mission: Impossible — Fallout movie star is one of those Hollywood stars who has dedicatedly spent time with the Church of Scientology. A former Scientologist, Leah Remini, recently alleged that Tom knows about the abuse that goes within the Church.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Leah Remini alleged that Tom Cruise not only knows about the abuse but reportedly has personally administered punishment on a high-ranking member.

"He is very aware of the abuses that go on in Scientology," Remini said."He's been part of it."

In addition to this, Leah Remini further claimed that Scientologists are told that Top Gun movie star Tom Cruise is reportedly saving the world and that's why he is considered a deity within the Church.

"He is second to David Miscavige (a leader of the Church of Scientology)-the savior of the free world. Tom is even called 'Mister Cruise' by staff members," Leah Remini revealed.

Remini added that the another Scientologist shared with her that Tom has followed David's orders and personally administered a punishment on another member.

Leah Remini herself was once a member of the Church of Scientology but left the organization in 2013. Ever since then, she is sharing her experiences during her time with the Church. Not long ago, she talked about Tom Cruise's ex-wife Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman. As per Remini, if Katie would simply have dinner with her, then she could lose the custody of her child, Suri Cruise.

Back then, Leah even claimed that the "Members of the church go to my mother's restaurant, confront my little sister and my step kids in San Francisco, trying to intimidate us."

After Leah Remini surfaced online, the Church of Scientology simply rejected all the claims made by her and even stated that the allegations are false.

"The interview is a PR stunt to promote her fake reality TV show. As long as the entertainment media will print Leah Remini's lies, her anti-religious bigotry will have a voice. Her brand of hate has dire consequences," a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology said.