Why Tom Cruise is not seeing daughter Suri Cruise?

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were once considered the epitome of love in the entertainment industry. The actress was young when she had just stepped into the Hollywood and found Top Gun movie star falling on his knees for her — even gushing about her on Oprah Winfrey's talk show. During that time, Tom had already become a key member of The Church of Scientology, which in later years would become one of the reasons for his separation with Dawson's Creek's actress.

Years after ending their marriage, Tom Cruise reportedly does not talk or meet with his daughter Suri Cruise. A new report from Us Weekly notes that Tom Cruise can become a part of Suri Cruise's personal life but he chooses not to see her.

A source told the magazine that as per Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' 2012 divorce settlement, he is allowed to see his daughter up to 10 days in a month but the Hollywood's A-list star chooses to not use this option. The reason behind this is not because of his busy work schedule or other work-related commitments.

As per the source, Tom does not meet with Suri Cruise because "she is not a Scientologist."

In addition to this, Tony Ortega, who remained extremely vocal about Scientology, stated that Katie Holmes might have signed an NDA when she filed for a divorce which prohibits her from saying "anything bad about Scientology."

In addition to this, there was a recent report that suggested that after Katie Holmes, there's a new woman in Tom Cruise's life. A report from Globe suggested that Tom Cruise is seeing Cher. As per the reports, when Top Gun movie star was only 22 years old, he had a brief relationship with the iconic singer, but as per the report, they have rekindled their romance.

"They can't deny what they have felt for years any longer. There's no question they've been lusting after each other all this time. They're back together and meeting for sexy hookups in Hawaii, Vegas, and L.A., with no strings attached," an alleged insider suggested.

However, Gossip Cop checked in with Cher's representatives who confirmed that the singer is not dating Tom Cruise.

An official word from Tom Cruise's representatives is awaited regarding his decision of not seeing his daughter Suri Cruise.