Shocking! 7 Dreaded Terrorists of Al-Qaeda Sleeper Cell Freed, UK Shudders as 'Dirty Bomber' Dhiren Barot's Associates Walk Free

Barot is behind the bars for his role in plotting terror attack on New York Stock Exchange and London underground tunnels

In a startling development, all seven convicted terrorists associated with the notorious 'dirty bomber' mastermind Dhiren Barot, who plotted to unleash havoc in New York and London, have been released from prison. Despite serving a combined sentence of 136 years, these British men, integral to Barot's terror plans, are now back on the streets.

Al Qaeda Terrorists

Abdul Aziz Jalil, believed to be Barot's 'minder', was the latest to be released after serving 26 years for conspiracy to cause explosions. Jalil, along with Mohammed Naveed Bhatti, Junade Feroze, Zia Ul Haq, Nadeem Tarmohamed, Omar Abdur Rehman, and Qaisar Shaffi, provided crucial support to Barot's deadly schemes.

Chris Phillips, former Head of National Counter Terrorism, condemned their release, emphasizing the grave threat they pose to society.

Barot, a senior British member of Osama bin Laden's network, was sentenced to life in prison in 2007 for plotting to bomb key targets including the New York Stock Exchange and London's underground tunnels. His plans, involving 'dirty' bombs and explosives-laden limousines, were thwarted, but the group's release raises concerns about public safety.

During their trial, it emerged that Jalil facilitated Barot by renting safe houses and attending terror training camps. The group played pivotal roles as couriers, drivers, and researchers, essential for Barot's operations.

Peter Clarke, head of Metropolitan Police's Counter Terrorism Command, highlighted the group's expertise in anti-surveillance techniques and their indispensable role in Barot's sinister plots.

Despite being deemed vital accomplices, the Parole Board has sanctioned the release of most members. However, Omar Abdur Rehman, rejected for release in 2013, has reportedly completed his sentence.

While Barot remains incarcerated until 2037, concerns linger over the monitoring of released terrorists. The Ministry of Justice assures strict supervision by probation services and security agencies to prevent re-offending.

Each member of the group played distinct roles in aiding Barot:

  • Mohammed Naveed Bhatti: Provided access to his garage for storing terror plans and false documents. Holds a first-class degree in engineering.
  • Junade Feroze: Assisted in surveillance during clandestine meetings and facilitated logistics for attacks.
  • Zia Ul Haq: Utilized expertise in architecture to advise on structural collapse and identity falsification.
  • Abdul Aziz Jalil: Acted as Barot's 'minder', renting safe houses and participating in terror training.
  • Omar Rehman: Tasked with disabling security systems, conducted research while employed at a hotel.
  • Qaisar Shaffi: Accompanied Barot on reconnaissance trips to America, found in possession of incriminating documents.
  • Nadeem Tarmohamed: Contributed to planning attacks in the US, shared financial ties and stored attack plans.

While parole decisions undergo rigorous assessment, concerns persist regarding the potential threat posed by released terrorists. As the UK grapples with heightened security challenges, vigilance remains paramount to safeguarding communities.