SHINee's Choi Minho reveals his ideal woman; explains how 'Hwarang' changed his personality

Choi Min-ho says 'Hwarang' has changed him as a person.

Choi Min-ho
Kpop singer Choi Min-ho.

Choi Min-ho of SHINee is extremely popular among the ladies, there's no doubt about it. Many women harbour their not-so-secret desire to wed the singer. However, the Kpop idol is still single fuelling the hopes of countless fluttering hearts. But who is his ideal type? It seems the actor has shed some light on it.

In a recent interview with KBS 2 TV's" 'Entertainment Weekly' program on February 4, as noted by Yibada, Choi Min-ho talked about the type of woman who attracts him the most. He revealed that he gets easily drawn to someone who is very passionate about their field of work or profession. Regarding the looks of his preferred partner he said he prefers someone who is a natural beauty and not too invested with artificial makeup.

Min-ho also revealed that being part of KBS2's historical fiction drama 'Hwarang' has changed him as a person. In the drama he plays an ancient warrior who had a privileged birth. As he grew up, KimSoo-ho was perceived as a shameless playboy but in reality, he turned out to be very devoted to his one true love. This trait of the character had a positive influence on the actor. "I wasn't like that before," Choi Min-ho said, adding "But now that I've played the character of Kim Soo Ho in 'Hwarang,' I think I've changed a bit."

In an interview with Cosmopolitan's March 2014 issue, translated by Dramafever, Choi Min-ho had said that he loves women who are cute and lovely, adding "I like an open and cheerful girl." The reason behind his liking, as he explained it was that even if he got "tired and upset from work, she can make me happy just by being near me. I think this kind of girl is very attractive." He also revealed that he prefers those women who are full of self confidence and "understands herself and cherishes herself." And that person should have a caring personality and should be tolerant of others.

Min-ho's list, while quite extensive, is actually a pretty straightforward, morally unambiguous expectation from an ideal future partner. These are basic human qualities that can be accepted from not just women, but men too. For they say beauty is only skin deep but compassion, tolerance and self-confidence are virtues that should be aspired to and treasured, always. So, Min-ho is on the right track. We are just waiting for him to announce the name of the woman he has been seeking. However, there's no need to rush as the singer and actor is just 25 years old.

This article was first published on February 8, 2017