Ji Chang Wook admits he is 'shy and softer kind of guy'

Ji Chang Wook will be joining military service soon.

Ji Chang Wook
South Korean actor, Ji Chang Woo has opened up about his personality Facebook

South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook is well known for his tough guy roles. However, in real life, the actor is completely opposite, he claims.

During an interview for his upcoming movie, Fabricated City, he talked about his real personality. He said: "I'm more of a softer kind of guy. I'm quite shy and don't talk a lot. When I was in school, I was a normal student who was quiet and studied hard. But I do like activities that require the use of my body, like working out. I think that's why action movies suit me. It is a bit physically intensive though."

Adding on, the 29-year-old actor admitted he likes to ride his motorcycles. He said: "I have three, and I once rode one all the way to Pyeongchang. I went to Italy with my friends on a trip, and we explored Milan on motorcycles. Riding freely down the road makes me feel less stressed. Once winter passes, I'm hoping to set off on a motorcycle trip with my friends before I enlist."

The K2 lead actor who will be joining military service soon, shared his desires for 2017. Chang Wook said: "I just want to be healthy and happy. I want to continue my fun and exciting acting career. And of course, I hope 'Fabricated City' gets a lot of love."