Shin Se Kyung reveals lesson she learnt while filming 'Bride of the Water God'

Shin Se-kyung also revealed how she maintained her youthful features and good health while filming Bride of the Water God and other projects.

Shin Se-kyung
Shin Se-kyung.

K-dramas, with their diverse genres and subject matters, more often than not leave us a wee bit wiser. The messages are subtle but keep teaching us about life's meaning and the beauty of sharing this life with others. The experience is a bit different for actors. Shin Se-kyung, fresh off her successful television drama 'Bride of the Water God,' revealed she too learned something from filming the tvN drama.

Shin Se-kyung played a neuropsychiatrist destined to become the bride of the Water God Habaek, played by Nam Joo-hyuk. As noted by website Soompi, she was asked in a recent interview about what she took away from the whole experience of 'Bride of the Water God,' she said she earned wisdom.

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"I'm not sure if I developed in terms of acting. However, there are many lessons I learn in every drama that I do. The same goes for this drama. Just like the other dramas, I learned wisdom. It was an opportunity for me to think about my original intentions. I saw the pure passion and efforts made by my co-stars and self-reflected," Shin Se-kyung said.

There was certainly honesty in the performance of the main cast in 'Bride of the Water God,' most of whom were younger than Shin Se-kyung except Lim Ju-hwan. Initially, Se-kyung had some apprehensions about being paired opposite such young actors. Her doubts cleared after they started performing scenes with each other. "They were already wonderful actors. I was embarrassed for having such thoughts in the first place," she said.

She was especially impressed by Nam Joo-hyuk's passion for acting and his dedication towards his acting partner during filming. "Usually it takes a lot of energy in the scenes when it's just you and your partner. However, Nam Joo-hyuk even shed tears while working with me in the emotional scenes. It's not easy to cry during your partner's emotional scene. I was shocked to see him acting more seriously than I was," Shin Se-kyung revealed.

The 'High Kick Through the Roof' actress also revealed how she maintains her youthful features and good health while filming her projects. "Before I film a drama, I have to control what I eat. Once I start filming, I can't even dream of controlling my diet. There's a lot of energy I have to use. That's why I try to eat healthy foods. Also, I make an effort to do Pilates daily," the 27-year old actress said.

This article was first published on September 8, 2017