Nam Joo Hyuk reveals why 'Bride of the Water God' left deep impression in him

Actor talks about balancing clumsiness of Habaek with his godly aura.

Nam Joo-hyuk
Nam Joo-hyuk.

It appears Nam Joo-hyuk had a transformative experience working on tvN drama 'The Bride of Habaek,' also known as 'Bride of the Water God.' He has shared his thoughts on being a part of the production, which aired its final episode on August 22.

As noted by Soompi, the 23-year-old actor said 'The Bride of Habaek' affected him in various ways. "Personally I think it's an important turning point for me. I learn something new in every production but I think I learned a lot of things especially in this one. Rather than feel intimidated, I felt a good kind of responsibility. I hope to embrace that kind of responsibility in the future and show a more mature side of myself," he said.

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Joo-hyuk also revealed how the lines he had to speak as his character gave him more clarity regarding various aspects of life. He started off by revealing his favourite line from the drama, which was, "Believing what you want to believe is your truth. Because that's easier and less tiring."

He also revealed that though he liked the romantic lines he was given to say, it is the more philosophical words that left a deeper impression on him; like "If you understand, everything becomes easier." Joo-hyuk said such lines made certain things about life clearer to him.

Even though Habaek is a god, he was certainly clumsy in his human form. Nam Joo-hyuk revealed it was challenging to portray a god who was also clumsy. However, he was able to find a balance and maintain the character's godlike aura. He added that he wanted to show a different side of his acting than he had shown before.

Looking back on the filming of 'The Bride of Habaek,' Nam Joo-hyuk revealed it was a positive experience and said, "We had a fun time filming for six months." He added, "Obviously, there are parts that I wish I could have done better, but now that it's over I feel both relieved and sad. I'm grateful to the cast and crew for leading me well."

Nam Joo-hyuk also revealed how the atmosphere on the sets was light-hearted and fun. "The atmosphere on set was really good. I think we were always laughing while filming. In particular, Nam Soo-ri (Park Kyu-sun) and I found each other's expressions and dialogue to be really funny so we couldn't stop laughing at one point."

He also didn't forget to thank his viewers and fans. "Thanks to them, we were able to make great memories together. I hope that our production will be one that they remember for a long time," he concluded.

Nam Joo-hyuk's first movie debut will be in 2018, with 'Ansi Fortress.' Jo In-sung and Park Sung-woong will also star alongside him.

This article was first published on August 24, 2017