Sharat Endapally's Expertise in Engineering revolutionizing technology in Health Care

Sharat Endapally

Technology in the HealthCare industry is evolving at a pace never seen before and is expected to grow even faster but is your organization ready for this change? Science is a complex subject and takes its own course, but technology is evolving rapidly and producing Terabytes of data not in days but in matter of hours. This is where the traditional companies get things wrong, while they focus on the scientific approaches they lose sight of the evolving technology to process it and often leads them to incomplete statistical results of the experiment.

Sharat is a technology leader and expert in healthcare tech solutions who has spent decades innovating and implementing solutions in the Life Sciences industry to enhance and optimize the outcomes and ensure the accuracy of the insights provided.

As a leader, Sharat has developed a reputation for his ability to create a vision, strategy, and solutions for R&D, data management, business intelligence and analytics, and CRM applications. He has implemented many scalable and flexible business solutions to meet the changing business needs and influenced cross-functional executive teams to adopt and leverage solutions early on.

Throughout his career, Sharat has shown a unique ability to stay ahead of emerging opportunities, trends, issues, and challenges in Information Technology. These insights have allowed him to successfully implement many projects on time and within budget, even in an ever-changing and competitive market.

Scientific Advancements have been the heart of any life sciences company and innovation is the key, but scientists are overwhelmed with the size of the data and are facing challenges which they have not experienced before. These problems rage from the simplest of the issues like "Unable to open a file" or "File too big for the application" to the biggest of the problems as "It takes forever to process the data", and at the end, with all the transformations and rules you have applied to the data, some of it you remember and some of it you don't do you really trust the data and experiment outcomes ? and can we rerun the same experiment and reproduce the same results with the same conclusion ? Sharat says he sees it happening more often in companies than we realize. Sharat helps organizations adapt and leverage solutions early on and establish the Organization strategy.

Technology helps eliminate data silos and helps connect the two seemingly unrelated outcomes, Sharat explains a situation where a simple anomaly in humidity detected by an IOT device placed in the Lab has solved the years mysterious assay failures occurring in the lab with no significant changes to the process.

There is a large landscape of ready to use cloud-based tools and technologies to help you get started quickly and establish a foundation strong enough to brace the impact of technological evolution. Sharat says embracing the technology is much simpler than you anticipate, and a simple biotech blueprint can be deployed in days with the right team.

The biggest bottleneck is no longer the scientific approaches, The key is embracing the technology as you go. Adapting technology early on in the company and avoiding making mistakes that could prove to be wasting invaluable time and opportunities.