BI tested negative for drug usage; former iKON idol innocent in illegal drug dealing charges

The former iKON member BI had quit the K-pop band following the charges of illegal drug usage in 2019

Former iKON member BI has been tested negative for drug usage. The news was confirmed by the Gyeonggi Provincial Police Department today (February 27), reported Sports World. The statement of the police said that BI's hair follicles were sent to the National Forensic Department for test by the Gyeonggi police. After meticulous observation, BI has tested negative in illegal drug use evaluation. The result states that no illegal drug substances were found.

With this, the case of illegal use of drug against BI has come to an end. It will soon see a closure after Gyeonggi police send the case findings over to prosecution soon. BI quit the group iKON in June 2019 following the news of him attempting to purchase marijuana and LSD in 2016 broke. He announced the news of him quitting the K-pop band in his Instagram. Following this, the agency that represented him, YG Entertainment terminated his contract and announced the same publically.

iKON is famous for Love Scenario

B.I Hanbin

iKON came into limelight with its song Love Scenario in 2015 that was written by BI. He also won best songwriter honour at 2018 Melon Music Awards. BI (original name Kim Han Bin) has written over 50 songs and also has its copyrights with him. In the Instagram post, it looked like BI was partially admitting to considering purchasing of drugs.

But he refuted claims that he was using it. His post read: "I apologize for causing controversy by inappropriate behaviour. It's true that I had an interest in something to rely on which I shouldn't have at a point in life when I was having a hard time. But I was too scared and worried to carry it out."

BI was taken in for questioning on charges of using drugs illegally

But a case was booked and in September 2019, he was taken in for questioning on charges of using drugs illegally as the questioning went on for 14 hours. His admission to charges partially made cops come to a conclusion that he was a suspect in illegal drug use case.

It all became public when a girl was arrested in 2016 on charges of illegal drug use and drug dealings. During questioning, she had told the cops that BI had requested drugs from her. Later, however, she modified her statement and said that BI had only sent her text message but had never met BI nor gave him any package.