Seth Rollins may be out of WWE TLC, match against Kevin Owens likely to be cancelled

Due to an injury on his hand, Seth Rollins may have to wait for his match against Kevin Owens. Their feud is likely to spill onto next year.

On the last episode of Raw, Seth Rollins was confirmed as the man behind AOP's assaults on Kevin Owens, setting the stage for a big match-up between the two wrestlers. However, it seems WWE's plans have been completely put off track due to an injury suffered by the 'Beast Slayer'.

As per a report by Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rollins suffered an injury on his hand, resulting in a fracture of his little finger. Due to this injury the superstar wasn't able to compete in a planned match against Cedric Alexander on Raw.

The depiction of Kevin Owens being taken away from the venue of the Monday night show in an ambulance may be part of the WWE extending the timeline of the feud and scheduling it for the pay-per-view after TLC.

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins. WWE

The last episode of Monday Night Raw witnessed Rollins turning heel after a long time. In the lead-up to this heel turn, he lost his title to The Fiend Bray Wyatt some weeks ago and then was made the leader of the Raw team to face Team SmackDown and Team NXT at Survivor Series.

After his team lost at that pay-per-view, Rollins started to criticise his fellow wrestlers on Raw roster. Two weeks ago, AOP interrupted his match with Kevin Owens and beat up the latter wrestler. Rollins initially denied having anything to do with AOP and claimed he was fully unaware of their intentions.

But on the December 9 episode of Monday Night Raw, after AOP waylaid Owens backstage, Rollins made a dramatic entry on to the scene and curb stomped his rival. This was followed by a promo on stage where he criticised the fans for not respecting him and justified his tactics.

The rivalry between Rollins and Owens promises a lot. But with this injury, it will have to be limited for a while. But there will certainly be a match between the two in near future.