Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend to fight for the last time at Crown Jewel?

The 32-year-old wrestler has been tormenting Rollins for a long time and the fight at the Crown Jewel is one of the most anticipated fights of the event

The Fiend
The Fiend. Twitter

WWE is reportedly planning to end the storyline of Universal Champion Seth Rollins and The Fiend aka Bray Wyatt. As reported by Fightful Select's Sean Ross Sapp, the company had always planned for a fight between The Fiend and Rollins and a twist is going to happen at the WWE Crown Jewel event on October 31. Sapp stated that the company had originally planned the Crown of Jewel fight between the two with the aim of ending the rivalry along with the storyline.

The duo has been making the headlines for a long time and the build-up has been pretty good for the upcoming fight. After a six-month-long build-up of the character of The Fiend, the duo met on October 6 at Hell in a Cell. WWE fans expected the alter ego of Wyatt to win the encounter but Rollins eventually had the upper hand when the referee stopped the match as Wyatt was not able to continue.

The fans have been eagerly waiting to see a rematch for a long time and WWE had slated the fight between the two for the upcoming event. Moreover, the company had separated the duo as Rollins is with RAW and Wyatt is currently with SmackDown. It probably may happen that this will the last match between the two and they will have separate storylines from now on.

The Fiend has been tormenting the WWE Universal Champion for quite some time. Recently, Rollins entered Wyatt's Firefly Fun House and beat him up. The 33-year-old burned the house down as he was raging with anger. In response to the incident, the 32-year-old Wyatt stated that he has forgiven Rollins, in reply to that the WWE Universal Champion mentioned that he did not require forgiveness and he wants revenge.

It will be interesting to see who emerge victorious in the fight as it is one of the most-anticipated match of the event. Moreover, it will be interesting to see what the company does with the storyline in future.