Serial killer 'Jack the Ripper' was actually a woman, claims expert

Jack the Rippper
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The mystery behind 'Jack the Ripper', the notorious unidentified serial killer believed to have roamed the areas in and around the White Chapel district of London in 1888 is still unsolved. However, an expert named John Morris, in his book 'The Hand of a Woman' has suggested that the real culprit behind these crimes could actually be a woman.

Morris strongly believes that these serial murders were the works of an infertile nurse named Lizzie Williams. As per Morris, the nurse committed these crimes, as she did not have the capability to conceive a baby. Morris also makes it clear that four of the five Ripper victims had their uterus removed, and it indicates that the cruel act was committed by a medical expert.

"Four of the five Ripper victims had their uterus removed, with the fifth showing signs of an attempted removal. Lizzie Williams was unable to have children of her own, and it's believed this spurned hatred towards prostitutes, who were able to become pregnant so easily. It is also widely believed that her husband was involved with the fifth victim, Mary Jane Kelly, which further encouraged her murderous intention," said Morris, reports.

The crimes which happened more than 130 years back typically targeted female prostitutes who lived in the slums of London. The Ripper killed the victims by slitting their throats, and later the killer carried out abdominal mutilations. As the mutilations were carried out with precision, several investigators strongly assured that the killer had some surgical knowledge. During those times, most of the London newspapers revealed that the culprit behind these murders could be a surgeon.

Further investigations made the officers think that the crimes might have carried out by butchers. After analyzing the nature of crime, police surgeon Thomas Bond strongly assured that all these crimes were performed by one hand.

"All five murders no doubt were committed by the same hand. In the first four the throats appear to have been cut from left to right, in the last case owing to the extensive mutilation it is impossible to say in what direction the fatal cut was made, but arterial blood was found on the wall in splashes close to where the woman's head must have been lying. All the circumstances surrounding the murders lead me to form the opinion that the women must have been lying down when murdered and in every case, the throat was first cut," said Bond.

This article was first published on August 17, 2018