Seo Kang Jun, Lee Tae Hwan, Kang Tae Oh, Yoo Il of 5URPRISE quit Fantagio; set to join new start-up

Five members of 5URPRISE who made their debut with Fantagio are quitting the agency after seven years

All five members of 5URPRISE, Seo Kang Jun, Lee Tae Hwan, Kang Tae Oh, Yoo Il and Gong Myung are set to leave Fantagio after seven years. Among them, Gong Myung is said to be joining another agency whereas the four 5URPRISE members will join a start-up agency.

Accordingly, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Tae Hwan, Kang Tae Oh, And Yoo Il will join hands together in joining a brand new agency that is established with the support of staff that worked closely with the 5URPRISE for years together.

Fantagio confirmed the news


Fantagio too confirmed the news that the contract of five members of 5URPRISE will end in March. But the agency said that talks are going on about their future plans and did not divulge information of the five leaving the agency.

As of now no details are available about the new start-up including the ownership and members. But reports claim that Gong Myung is likely to join Saram Entertainment soon. Popular actors including Lee Je Hoon, Honey Lee, Jo Jin Woong, Yoon Kye Sang are also members of Saram.

5URPRISE debuted in 2013 with Fantagio

Five members of 5URPRISE debuted in 2013 with Fantagio. Seo Kang Joon is currently working in the drama I'll Go To You When the Weather Is Nice opposite Park Yong Min and his other dramas Are You Human, The Third Charm, Watcher and The Beauty Inside were also a hit.

Lee Tae Hwan's dramas W, My Golden Life, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, Farming Agency and others also brought a good name for the actor. Kang Tae Oh's Miss Korea, Twenty Again. My First First Love made him an actor in demand. Whereas Yoo Il is busy with plays and musicals.

Gong Myung, the fifth member of the group who has decided against joining the start-up is known for his performance in dramas including Entertainer, Drinking Solo, Bride of the Water God, Melo is My Nature and others. Recently, there were reports of Fantagio entering the mergers and acquisitions market. It is said that the company whose major shares are owned by JC Group are reviewing an offer from a Korean investor to take over the company.