Senate Intelligence Panel Chairman Hopes UFOs Could Be Piloted By Aliens

As debates over UFO sightings are getting heated up, several people believe that alien disclosure could happen anytime soon.

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Alien enthusiasts are all awaiting a disclosure soon, as Pentagon has admitted the presence of unidentified aerial phenomena above US military sites. And now, Senator Marco Rubio, who is also the chairman of the US intelligence committee, has shared his hope that the alleged UFOs that appear above US military sites can be aliens.

Fearing Russian and Chinese Technology

Rubio revealed that these alleged UFOs are actually a threat to national security. According to Rubio, if Chinese or Russians have developed such advanced technology, it could pose a real danger to the stability of the United States.

"We don't know what it is – and it isn't ours. If it's something outside this planet it might be better than the fact that we've seen some technical leap on behalf of the Chinese or the Russians or other adversaries that allow them to conduct this sort of activity. There are things flying over the United States military bases and you don't know what they are 'cause they're not yours, and they exhibit, potentially, technologies that you don't have at your own disposal. That to me is a national security risk. And one that we should be looking into," said Rubio, the Daily Star reports.

Now, Rubio is the spearhead of a campaign that urges the disclosure of declassified documents that deal with UFO sightings.

Christopher Mellon, former military intelligence advisor, had also shared similar views, and he had also made it clear that these flying objects are not made in the United States. He believes that understanding the origin of these UFOs is quite crucial to maintain national security in the most effective manner.

Alien Disclosure to Happen Soon?

As several senators are urging declassification of secret files, conspiracy theorists have started believing that alien disclosure will happen anytime soon. According to these conspiracy theorists, alien disclosure is not a sudden process, and it will happen gradually. They believe that the recent admission of the Pentagon and the rise in curiosity regarding UFO sightings are all indicating an imminent disclosure.

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