UK Government's former UFO investigator Nick Pope has warned the country to prepare for an alien war, even though the chances of its occurrence are very minute. According to Pope, United Kingdom will be compelled to ally with the NATO and the US if a war happens with the aliens.

Will UK survive an alien invasion?

The former Ministry of Defense personal also admitted that the United Kingdom will fail miserably if a war breaks out with advanced aliens. He also added that the final resort of the country will be to embrace nuclear weapons which will harm both the aliens and humans.

"I based the document as much on declassified plans for the Iraq War as on my knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.This is exactly the sort of top-level strategic document that politicians and senior officials need in order to take the very rapid and important decisions," told Pope to Sun Online.

The hunt for alien continues

World's leading space agencies including NASA are now busy finding traces of life outside our solar system. Even though these agencies admit the possibility of microbial life forms outside the system, they believe that the chances of an alien invasion are very small.

According to Pope, no governments have equipped themselves to combat an alien invasion, as they believe such a scenario will never happen. The former UFO researcher added that the consequences of an alien invasion will be devastating.

Quoting the same ideology of Stephen Hawking, Pope said that aliens who are capable of finding us will be more powerful than humans, and their arsenal will have the potential to destruct us.

"With Nasa and others now openly talking about the possibilities of alien life, we can no longer dismiss this as sci-fi. Is it that hard to believe that we might not be alone, and there might be civilizations out there much older than ours, and thus more advanced?," concluded Pope.

In the meantime, NASA has called for a press conference on this Thursday to reveal something big about extra-terrestrial life. Many people believe that the space agency will reveal evidence of alien life during this press meet.