Selection: The War Between Women Episodes 13 and 14 spoilers: Will Eun Bo bid adieu to all?

Episode 13 of Selection: The War Between Women will focus on the outcome of a rivalry between Queen Jo Young Ji and Concubine Kang Eun Bo.

Selection: The War Between Women is nearing its finale and viewers are curious to know the fate of King Lee Kyung and his lover, Kang Eun Bo. They are eagerly waiting to find out if the female lead will become a victim of a rivalry between the King and Minister Jo Heung Gyeon just like her father, Lee Ki Young and her twin sister, Kang Eun Ki.

Episode 12 of the historical drama series ended by teasing the demise of Eun Bo. But if you closely look into the story, Queen Jo Young Ji never asked sharp shooter Gae Pyeong to kill the Concubine. Instead, she asked him to hurt her and help her get rid of Eun Bo. That means, he will target the Queen and put the blame on Eun Bo.

What does the promo hint about episode 13?

However, the Queen may not succeed in executing her plan mainly because the promo of episode 13 hints at troubled moments for her. The video shows Jo Heung Gyeon confronting his daughter for making the biggest mistake of her life. "The world was about to become mine. Do you realise what you have ruined?" he asks.

The 30-second-long clip then shows the King asking Chief Eunuch Hwang to get the guards ready to arrest the Minister and his people. The video then features a conversation between the King and Queen Dowager wherein the Queen asks him why he even allowed Jo Young Ji to be the Queen if he knew about her family's evil moves.

When and where to watch episodes 13 and 14?

Selection: The War Between Women
Will Kang Eun Bo bid adieu to all? YouTube/Screenshot

The promo also gives a glimpse of an intense battle between the King's men and the Minister's guards. The video ends by hinting at a secret team-up between Prince Lee Jae Hwa and the Minister. It remains to be seen if they will succeed in defeating the King and taking up the throne.

Selection: The War Between Women episode 13 is scheduled to air on TV Chosun this Saturday, February 1, at 10.50 pm KST. The episode will be followed by episode 14, which will be telecast on Sunday, February 2, at the same time.

Watch the most-intense scene from episode 12 below: