See the Beautiful Planet Through the Eyes of These Top 5 Travel Influencers in Singapore

Follow these digital nomads for some wonderful travel tips

Traveling and exploring new places has topped the bucket list of almost every person. Although everyone travels for a different reason, from relaxing and adventure to pilgrimage there it could be anything. Deciding the destination and travel itinerary has always been a tough choice and requires lots of planning and tips from the person who has already traveled or has good knowledge about the destination.

Travel influencers come to the rescue in such scenarios. These are the people who travel as a passion and profession and provide cues and tips for traveling. Singapore which is a global travel destination has a few excellent travel influencers who provide great tips and suggestions with the help of their posts.

1. Jesseca Liu

Malesian origin actress Jesseca Liu is one of the best travel influencers from Singapore. Her Instagram handle is full of her travel diaries. She posts pictures from her vacations to exotic locations throughout the world. She has 351k followers on Instagram which speaks volumes about her being a popular Instagram influencer. Her latest post is a picture from a beautiful island Koh Samui.

Singapore-Jesseca Liu

2. Grace Glazee

Singaporean YouTuber Grace Glazee is another amazing travel influencer. Grace has 138k followers on Instagram. She also uploads interesting travel and vacation video on YouTube and is seen generally in places that youngsters would love to visit. From the Best beaches to Yacht Parties and Tokyo Disneyland, her YouTube videos give complete details about her exciting travels. Her recent post is from Tokyo Japan with some interesting background that netizens are found guessing in the comment box.

Singapore- Grace Gleeze

3. Amelyn Beverly

Next on the list is gorgeous travel & lifestyle influencer Amelyn Beverly. She has 125k followers on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel with the name Dan and Amelyn. She gives tips about the best hotels, how to travel, and the best flight and hotel deals to reduce travel expenses. She had recently posted a beautiful video from Paris. Netizens also follow her for her cute chemistry with her partner Dan. Her content is the best mix of travel, lifestyle & love.

Singapore-Amelyn Beverly

4. Herman & Cheryl

Herman and Cheryl execute a joint Instagram account that is about Travel. Love and Luxury. Their travel details coupled with their beautiful chemistry have helped them reach 84.2k followers on Instagram. They post videos and pictures from a few of the best luxury locales and hotels. If someone needs tips on the best luxury hotels, this could be an ideal account to follow.

Singapore- Herman & Cheryl

5. Bino Chua

This rising travel influencer has 48k followers on Instagram and posts mostly about the best places to visit in Asia and beyond. He is a solo digital nomad who enjoys posting pictures and videos from his frequent travels. His recent post is from Hoi An, Vietn am.

Singapore-Bino Chua
This article was first published on March 18, 2023