Secret Service Agent Caught Carrying Joe Biden's Diaper Bag? Fake Image Goes Viral, Fueling Conspiracy Theory

An image of Joe Biden's secret service agent carrying a diaper bag has gone viral on social media. The photoshopped image comes days after a hoax surrounding Biden's 'bathroom accident' surfaced following his meeting with Pope Francis.

The U.S. President has remained embroiled in several baseless conspiracy theories suggesting health issues including dementia and ­age-related issues.

biden diaper bag
Photoshopped image of Secret Service agent carrying a diaper bag. Twitter

The recent image surfaced as Biden attended the COP26 climate change conference in Scotland. The image shows a masked Biden getting down from his vehicle as secret service agents stand guard.

Diaper Bag Included Feeding Bottle, Diapers

One secret service agent is seen carrying a blue-colored diaper bag which includes diapers, feeding bottle and a hot water flask. The agent is shown carrying the diaper bag on his right shoulder. The hoax was further fueled by an article published by The Babylon Bee, a satire site. The article headlined, "Secret Service Agent Spotted Carrying Diaper Bag," was published on Nov 1.

"With Biden attending the COP26 climate change conference in Scotland this week, many were concerned that he might poop in his pants again. Fortunately, his Secret Service entourage seems to be prepared this time, as agents were spotted carrying a presidential diaper bag," read the article.

"Biden's diaper bag is state-of-the-art," said one anonymous source. "It is completely bulletproof, fully stocked with extra-large Depends and wipes, equipped with an applesauce dispenser, and has a special pocket for the nuclear football. We don't expect any further presidential 'explosions' during this trip."

To make their claim appear authentic, the outlet even included a 'quote' from Jen Psaki. "We categorically deny that Biden has an incontinence problem. He has never pooped in his pants. In fact, he has never pooped. He has been holding his poop for over two years because he is so dedicated to his job as President. We do not use diaper bags in this administration and to suggest otherwise is a far-right smear," Psaki was 'quoted' by the site.

Memes Surface on Social-Media

The original image was taken by Saul Loeb for AFP, as President Joe Biden arrived at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, D.C., on March 6, 2021. It was also published on ABC News.

Despite the viral image being photoshopped, it was discussed widely among the social media users. "Nap time is nap time, dammit. Have someone from Secret Service standing by with Diaper Bag One when he wakes up," tweeted a user.

"DID THEY NEED THEM AT THE VATICAN? DOES A SECRET SERVICE HAVE THAT "SPECIAL DUTY?" tweeted one as another wrote, "The Secret Service is too busy carrying Biden's diaper bag."

"Secret Service must be thinkin' Trump is still Prez if they're totin' a diaper bag. Still suffering PTSD from the Trump regime, when they were totin' Trump's dirty diapers daily. Funny how we will never respect the Secret Service or the FBI as we did before Trump," opined a user.

"This is interesting. People on UTube are claiming Biden 'soiled' his pants. Assumed this was fabricated but seeing a Secret Service carrying a diaper bag - perhaps it is true," read a tweet.