Seattle Cops Caught Planting Fake Evidence of 'Molotov Cocktails' Outside Police Union Building?

Social media users found some "inconsistencies" that led them to believe that the box of Molotov cocktails was planted by Seattle police.

The Seattle Police Department tweeted a photo of a box of Molotov cocktails that they claim to have recovered on Monday outside the Seattle Police Officers Guild building.

The image shows at least three Corona beer bottles filled with what appears to be a liquid and bandanas in a cardboard box. "Images of Molotov cocktails recovered outside SPOG office," the caption reads.

However, although there are reports of rocks and explosives being hurled by protesters in the direction of officers outside the police union building, social media users believe the evidence may have been planted by Seattle police.

Brand New Bandanas Raise Doubts

While some users pointed out that the "gasoline" in the beer bottles appears to be awfully clear and not its usual yellowish color, others noted that the cardboard box does not have any fuel droplets or residue. Many also drew attention to the brand new bandanas used for the incendiary devices and the fact that the Molotov cocktails were conveniently left outside the police union building.

"I mean I always use brand new Bandanas for my Molotovs! Don't actually soak them in gas so they won't light and put them in flimsy beer bottles. PS that's awfully clear "Gasoline" in there, tweeted one user.

Molotov cocktails
Representational image Wikimedia Commons

"Love to make molotovs with brand new handkerchiefs and then just leave them sitting around for the cops to find," commented another. "Privilege is purchasing brand new bandannas for your Molotovs instead of using old rags like the rest of the peasants," wrote a separate user.

Undercover Officer Caught Carrying Box of Molotovs

Another user shared an image of a masked man, wearing a dark blue hoodie, and yellow gloves photographed carrying the box of Molotov's. The same individual can be seen in the company of Seattle police officers in the second photo. "Looks like it was one of your guys that planted it," the user captioned the pictures.

Seattle Police Claimed Candles to be 'Improvised Explosives'

This isn't the first time the Seattle police's "evidence" has been questioned by the online community. In June, the police department shared photos of "improvised explosives" that were responsible for injuring several officers.

The photo showed broken white columns but a closer inspection of the "explosives" revealed that they were actually remnants of a candle.