Search engine Naver turns serious, removes option to post comments on entertainment articles

Naver, a search engine that is similar to Google has decided to block comments option. It will also restrict keywords in the search bar keeping celebrities right to privacy in mind

Currently, Naver will temporarily abolish the option of writing comments on entertainment industry related articles. The decision was taken to prevent malicious comments online, said the team citing malicious attempts to defame celebrities.

Operations Team of the search engine released a statement that Naver will be temporarily suspending the ability for users to leave comments on articles that relate to the entertainment industry, in an attempt to lessen the malicious comments some celebrities receive.

There has been increase in comments against celebrities, malicious comments being posted on entertainment articles. Considering this seriously, Naver has come to an opinion that it does not want to be a party to violation of celebrities' personal rights.

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Empathy for celebrities

Naver will use their advanced technology and change policies to put a brake on malicious comments on their site affecting the rights of celebrities. They have decided to empathize with celebrities.

Naver is a search engine that acts similar to Google. Naver is also trying to restrict its auto-suggest terms. Some keywords suggested in the search bar were also seen as violations to celebrities' right to privacy. In fact, today Urban Works, agency of Kim Min Ju, artiste with, IZ*ONE, issued a warning of legal action against those posting malicious comments against the artiste.

A statement by Urban Works said, "Due to recent occurrences of malicious rumors, false truths, and posts containing sexual harassment made by a select number of netizens and spread online via various online platforms, our artist as well as her family and close acquaintances are also suffering from significant mental damages."

Protecting basic rights

The Agency further said, "We notify that we will soon be taking strict legal action without settlement against these malicious rumors, unsupported by evidence and created with ill-intentions, in order to protect the most basic rights of our artist."

It has also asked Kim Min Ju's fans to collect proof of malicious comments against the artiste.

Recently, cyber bullying is also stated as one of the reasons why Korean pop stars and actors committing suicide. In six months, South Korean entertainment industry has lost five artistes. out of them both Sulli and Goo Ha Ra were tortured with cyber bullying with malicious comments being posted against the artistes online.