Scott Walker: Rep. Senator Caught Using Old Pizza Photo While Urging Others to Go Out Amid Pandemic

The Republican senator cropped out the photo from a picture he shared on Twitter in October 2019.

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker came under fire on Twitter over the weekend after he tried to pass off an old cropped photo of a pizza as new while encouraging people to head out and help local establishments in Wisconsin.

On Saturday, the Republican took to Twitter to share a post claiming to have visited a local pizzeria in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in an effort to support small businesses amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"Great pizza tonight at San Giorgio Pizzeria Napoletana," Walker tweeted. "We have to support our local restaurants and small businesses!" Walker accompanied the caption with a blurry photo of a pizza served at the downtown pizza joint.

However, it did not take long for eagle-eyed netizens notice that the photo looked familiar. After some digging through Walker's Twitter timeline, users found that the photo of the pizza was cropped out of a picture Walker posted on the social media platform in October last year.

Criticism on Social Media

Shortly after Walker was caught red-handed, several twitter users called him out for lying and encouraging others to go out in the middle of a pandemic while he is in the safety of his home.

"Pretending to be eating in public to own the libs, but too scared to actually do it," wrote one user, while another commented, "So, Scotty is staying safe at home while encouraging the little folks to go out to eat. The games these shtty people play."

Lying about going out to eat and encouraging others to go out while actually staying safe and sound in the comfort of his own home. Vile. There is no low too low for Republicans," tweeted yet another.

Walker Claims He Used an Old Photo Because He Didn't Click One At Restaurant

Scott Walker
Scott Walker Wikimedia Commons

In the wake of the backlash, Walker posted a tweet to clarify that although he used an old photo it was because he did not click a picture at the restaurant the night he and his family members visited the pizza establishment.

"My family & I went to @SanGiorgioMKElast night. Great food. I used an old photo since we didn't take one last night. I'm glad this tweet has generated so much attention. I hope people support Gino and his team at @SanGiorgioMKE. Small business is hurting, & they need our support," he wrote.

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