SBS's Whisper achieves top spot in ratings in latest episode, thanks to Lee Bo-young

SBS drama achieves 15 percent viewership ratings in latest episode.

Lee Bo-young
Actress Lee Bo-young in a scene from episode 4 of SBS's drama 'Whisper.' Drama

SBS's new legal thriller 'Whisper' is emerging as a top Korean drama in terms of television viewership ratings. As per AGB Nielsen Korea, the drama achieved 15 percent in nationwide rankings and 16.7 percent in the Seoul National Capital Area in the latest episode on April 4.

As noted by website Soompi, the Lee Bo-young starrer was able to clinch the top spot in ratings out of all the Monday-Tuesday dramas. There was a 1.2 percent rise in nationwide rankings from the 13.8 percent viewership ratings of the third episode that aired on April 3.

Comparing the ratings of 'Whisper' with other Monday-Tuesday dramas, Soompi notes that MBC's 'Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People' is the runner-up with 12.5 percent ratings; a 0.4 percent increase only, from its previous episode rating of 12.9 percent. Securing the third place is 'Perfect Wife' of KBS2 TV, whose latest episode gathered only 5.6 percent in ratings.

'Whisper' is about a no-nonsense female detective Shin Young-joo, played by actress Lee Bo-young, who teams up with a kindhearted and righteous judge, Lee Dong-joon, played by actor Lee Sang-yoon, to uncover corruption of the defence sector at the nation's biggest law firm, Taebaek. Both actors have also appeared together on SBS's variety show 'Running Man' as guests.

Lee Bo-young's powerful and charismatic performance drives the whole drama. The plot is certainly very interesting and so are the performances of the other actors. But it is the lead actress who is the heart and soul of the story. It's refreshing and empowering for viewers to see a young woman making her way through the seedy underbelly of the criminal world. It's even more fun seeing her grab a liquor bottle and smashing it on a low-life's skull; pinning down mob bosses and the like.

Another Soompi article noted how Lee Bo-young is seen being very dedicated in her performance in a behind-the-scenes video, where the director compliments her action skills. Other members of the production staff are also heard saying, "Lee Bo Young has a really strong sense of responsibility and affection for her character. We really felt her professionalism [through the filming of the action scenes]. She must have been very tired but filmed all of the scenes without showing her exhaustion, which we admire her for."

It is easy to forget that this is Lee Bo-young's first drama in three years, since she appeared in SBS's 'God's Gift: 14 days' in 2014. There is nothing in her performance that says she took a break for three years, which shows how strong an actress Lee Bo-young is. Her husband, actor Ji Sung appeared in 'Defendant' which ended on March 21.

The next two episodes of 'Whisper' are slated to air on April 10 and 11 respectively.

This article was first published on April 5, 2017