Say hi to this smart toothbrush that claims to clean your mouth in just 10 seconds

Available at a starting price of $79, the Y-Brush uses sonic vibrating technology

Every year CES brings a hell lot of new innovative and sometimes weird smart gadgets that claim to ease your everyday life. And CES 2020 is no exception. Alongside a plethora of smart products, CES 2020 has experienced a series of connected products that can take care of your oral health like experts in a few seconds.

For instance, the FasTeesH smart toothbrush claims to clean up your mouth like an expert in just 10 seconds. Dubbed Y-Brush, the crowdfunded smart toothbrush is all set for a commercial release. Available at a starting price of $79, the Y-Brush uses sonic vibrating technology and works in the American Dental Association's (ADA) recommended bass method of teeth cleaning with small lateral movements.

Oral-B iO smart toothbrush
Oral-B iO smart toothbrush Oral-B iO smart toothbrush

The Y-Brush houses a flexible gum shield accompanied with nylon bristles, which you can use with any of your favourite toothpaste. The rechargeable toothbrush comes with a handle, brush, USB charging dock, toothpaste applicator and a pod for holding the two toothbrushes. The bundle offers two toothbrushes which are supposed to last six months, and it can work wirelessly for a month with a fully charged battery.

Y-Brush connected toothbrush Kickstasrter

Other Smart toothbrushes in CES 2020

In CES 2020 other big toothbrush makers including Colgate and Oral-B has debuted their own version of smart toothbrushes. This year Colgate launched its latest Plaqless Pro toothbrush. At the same time, Oral-B has showcased its most recent innovation in the department called Oral-B iO.

The new Colgate Plaqless Pro toothbrush would spot plaque, and other bacterial films stick to teeth to offer customised cleaning experience. Colgate hasn't cited more about how the technology works to detect the harmful elements inside the mouth.

On the other hand, Oral-B's latest connected toothbrush comes powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms to offer superior oral health. The iO features a magnetic drive and seven brushing modes. The smart toothbrush can connect to a smartphone app and display brushing performance to the user. The Oral-B iO also features 12.5 days of battery life in a full charge.
Both Colgate and Oral-B are tight-lipped about the availability and pricing of these products.