Santa Has a Boyfriend! Norwegian Postal Advertisement Featuring Gay Santa's Love Story Goes Viral

Norwegian postal service Posten produced an advertisement capturing the sweet love story of Gay Santa and social media is all hearts.

A Norwegian Christmas advertisement is winning hearts all over the internet after showing Santa Claus with a boyfriend. Norway's postal service, 'Posten' released an advertisement labeled 'When Harry met Santa' referring to the 1989 rom-com 'When Harry met Sally' showcasing a sweet love story between Father Christmas and Harry.

The commercial showed Santa visiting the character Harry every year on Christmas eve. Their time together, however, always cuts short so Harry sends Santa a note confessing that all he wants this Christmas is him.

While receiving delivery of gifts from Posten this Christmas eve, Harry's happiness knows no bounds when he finds his crush waiting for him. Santa explains to Harry that courtesy of Posten, he can finally have a break, and the duo kiss to celebrate their togetherness.

50 years of decriminalizing homosexuality

The advertisement showcasing a queer Santa was made to mark 50 years of Norway decriminalizing homosexuality in 2022. Fans were left with happy tears over the soulful video. The advertisement documents Santa and Harry's relationship over a number of years. The two are shown never having time for each other, meeting briefly only during Christmas.

Harry sees Santa for the first time when he's delivering gifts at his home. While their eyes meet and the two men get lost gazing at each other, Sanat vanishes up the chimney. The duo gets closer over the course of their annual meetings. During one such meeting, Harry breaks down after Santa departs having admitted to him that he'll miss him.

'All I want for Christmas is you'

Harry is then shown writing a letter to Santa. "All I want for Christmas is you," he wrote. Santa then brings in help from the Norwegian postal service, Posten, to deliver people's gifts so that he could have a little time for himself. He then surprises Harry in his home explaining to him how he arranged for some help this year so he can be with him.

'My eyes have been leaking since I've watched it'

Twitter was swarmed with warm reactions to the advertisement. "My eyes have been leaking since I've watched it," one person tweeted. Another person noted that the Norweigan post office has done an amazing Christmas campaign to celebrate that in 2022 it will be 50 years that homosexuality was decriminalized in Norway.