Mo Salah and Family Dress Up for Christmas; Angry Muslim Fans Flood Him With Hate Messages

Liverpool Star Mohamed Salah had received hate messages last year too when he posted a picture posing in front of a Christmas tree.

Liverpool Star Mohamed Salah is facing criticism online for posting a picture of him with his family while sending Christmas greetings. His social media accounts are being bombarded with hate messages. His Muslim fans have taken objection to the star dressing up for the occasion and sending his best wishes.

Fans are unhappy with the Muslim soccer star sitting under the decorated Christmas tree along with his wife and children wishing everyone Merry Christmas with a hashtag and two emojis. The 28-year-old Salah is being called a Christian by some of his fans.

Mo Salah Xmas
Liverpool star Mohamed Salah is receiving hate messages for posting a picture on the occasion of Christmas. Instagram

Between Hate and Love

However, the picture he shared on Instagram was also liked by 2.8 million viewers and also there were positive messages congratulating Salah on spreading the message of world peace. But most of the messages stated that being a Muslim the player should not celebrate festivals of any other religions.

"As a Muslim we should not celebrate or even congratulate other religions in their celebrations that's all," said one netizen. "Today you are a Christian and tomorrow you are Muslim. You will explain this to ur creator," stated another one.

There were also messages that defended Salah's festive spirit. "I live in Dubai and Xmas trees in all the malls, Xmas songs in all the shops, Xmas markets everywhere and that's in a Muslim country, imagine that but intensified times 100 in the UK, is he really gonna deprive his daughter of all that joy & happiness her friends are experiencing?" read one Tweet.

Salah's 2019 Christmas Celebration

It can be noted that last year too, Salah had posted Christmas greeting by posing in front of a Christmas tree along with his children. In 2019 too he had received hate messages after he posted the Xmas greetings picture. Probably the star was responding to these hate messages by posting a picture by dressing up to the occasion this year.

Salah currently is credited with 16 goals from 21 matches representing Liverpool this season. The star is usually seen performing Sujud, an act of prostration according to Muslim belief, after scoring a goal. Meanwhile, there were rumors that Salah is all set to leave Liverpool and was likely to move to Spain.

But these rumors were shut down by Reds boss Jurgen Klopp. In a recent press release it was confirmed that Salah was in a good mood and was gearing up to appear in the Premier League game with West Brom that is scheduled for December 27.