San Jose Cops Sent on Leave For 'BLM Idiots' and 'Sharia Barbie' Comments Online

A Medium article said both active and retired San Jose cops were members of the Facebook page called '10–7ODSJ'.

Four police officers in San Jose, California, were sent on leave as the department investigates their racist and anti-Muslim posts on Facebook. Their conduct online came to light after the partner of one of the active officers wrote an anonymous Medium article, where she shared the screenshots of a closed Facebook group, where the officers shared their thoughts on Black Lives Matter protests and Muslims.

According to the article, both active and retired San Jose cops were members of the Facebook page called '10–7ODSJ'. In one such post, a retired officer described the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters as racist idiots, un-American and enemies. An active officer commented that black lives don't really matter.

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In another post, the same former officer shared a Los Angeles incident where a cop pulled off the hijab from the head of a Muslim woman. Hijab is a cloth with which a Muslim woman covers her head in public. An officer called it bull***t and that in prison she won't be able to wear her religious outfits.

A disturbing comment from a retired cop called for the hijabs to be re-purposed into nooses. The same officer shared a picture of 'sharia barbie', who wore a hijab and had bruises on her face.

San Jose Police Department Reacts

Officer Gina Tepoorten, spokesperson for the SJPD, said in a statement that the four officers have been placed on administrative leave. However, they haven't been identified. An investigation is underway and the FBI has been asked to assist in the probe, Tepoorten said.

Police Chief Eddie Garcia said in a statement that while he didn't have any control over the conduct of retired cops, he voiced his outrage over the comments made online. He added that any active employee who engages in a bigoted activity online would be investigated and held accountable, NBC News reported.

In a statement by San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, he demanded a full investigation into the investigation, followed by the terminations of officers involved.