Samsung unveils SmartSuit for Winter Olympics 2018 (VIDEO)

Dutch skating team to sport it

Samsung smartsuit

Samsung has unveiled a SmartSuit for Dutch skaters who are gearing up for Winter Olympics 2018 in PyeongChang. The SmartSuit for skaters is a very innovative gadget by the South Korean multinational electronics Company, and it allows the skaters to improve their ideal skating position during training sessions.

In a report published in 'Letsgodigital', it has been stated that Dutch short trackers Sjinkie Knegt and Suzanne Schulting will use this skating suit, and they are the only players in the world to use this innovative device to improvise the training sessions.

As the Dutch skating team is busy preparing for the Winter Olympics 2018, Samsung has developed this special smartsuit in collaboration with the Royal Dutch Skaters Association. By unveiling this specially designed suit, Samsung aims to contribute technological innovations to the world of sports.

What is Samsung SmartSuit?

Samsung SmartSuit is a tailor-made suit designed to meet the needs of professional skaters. This short track-suit helps the skater to map their exact body posture and thereby calculating the distance from hips to the ice. The suit is equipped with five sensors and they will be connected to the smartphone in the hands of Dutch National Coach Jeroen Otter. Once the training session starts, the coach will receive the data via a real-time app.

If the skater's body posture is not in the optimal position, he will feel a vibration on his wrist which allows him to adjust the way in which his body is positioned.

Samsung's role in Olympic Games

Samsung first made its presence felt in Olympic Games as a local sponsor in the 1988 Olympic Games at Seoul. After ten years, the electronics giant emerged as a global Olympic partner. Soon, the Company started providing Olympic games with wireless equipment like smartphones to the people.

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