Samsung smart pocket watch is the perfect blend of vintage and hi-end techs

This smart pocket watch will pack the Samsung's flagship Gear S3.

If vintage is your style and you also like latest technologies, look no further as Samsung has exactly what you always wanted. At the at the Baselworld expo in Switzerland this week Samsung showed off their concept design of a smart pocket watch with all the abilities and facilities of a smart watch and of course classy in an 1890s sort of way.

This concept, a hybrid pocket watch, really blends the world of traditional timepieces with today's leading smartwatch technology Samsung

This pocket watch by Samsung is not going be just another smartwatch in a list. This one will pack the South Korean tech firm's flagship Gear S3 and also compass headings into the lid for good measure.

Gear S3 products are already head-turners due to its spectacular design and smart technologies. So, mixing that along with the elegance of Victorian-era should be as amazing as it sounds.

Luxury watch designer Yvan Arpa is the mind behind this spectacular idea. Arpa also staged some more Samsung smartwatch prototypes at the Baseworld, including one that is similar to the Gear S3 but actually contains a Swiss-made mechanical movement.

This concept is an updated approach to the Gear S3, with the same innovative technology and a fresh take on the design of the bezel and shape Samsung

However, these are not for sale or ready to enter the consumer market yet, but let's hope to get hold of a Gear S3 on a chain instead of the wrist soon.

(From left) A hybrid pocket watch, a watch that resembles the Gear S3 but features a Swiss-made movement, updated takes on the Gear S3 with new designs and finishes, and another Gear S3 featuring a Swiss-made movement Samsung