Samsung S20 Ultra: Private investigator tests 100x Zoom feature and here's what he found

A private investigator put Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra's 'Space Zoom' feature to the test by comparing it with an iPhone 11 Pro Max, a Sony HDR-CX 190, and a Nikon P100

One of the highlights of Samsung's S20 line-up is camera capabilities. The S20 Ultra, which is the top-of-the-line model in the series, is equipped with a camera that provides up to 100X digital "Space Zoom." The feature allows users to help users capture images and videos from far away without compromising on the image's quality. Check out the feature in action below:

Space Zoom put to the test by PI

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Leaked render of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

While there are a few other examples of the Galaxy S20 Ultra's 100x zoom doing the rounds on the web, a new video shows a private investigator giving us a more comprehensive look at what Samsung's high-end smartphone brings to the table.

Michael McKeever, a private investigator with decades worth of experience decided to put the Samsung S20 Ultra's Space Zoom feature to the test in a video compiled by The Wall Street Journal. McKeever tested how the feature stacked up against other phones and cameras including Apple's flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max, a Sony HDR-CX 190, and a Nikon P100.


The test revealed that while Galaxy S20 Ultra is capable of capturing crystal-clear images at 30x zoom, the picture starts to get a little fuzzy when the Space Zoom feature is used to its maximum 100x capability. This was confirmed when McKeever used the Nikon P100 professional camera.

The camera is equipped with 125x optical zoom and judging by the results, private investigators might be better off with the camera than the Samsung smartphone. As far as image quality is concerned, the Galaxy S20 Ultra did manage to outperform the iPhone 11 Pro Max and that's because Apple's current high-end flagship can only achieve a maximum of 2x optical zoom.

However, if you're an aspiring private investigator and want something that will capture zoomed footage without compromising on image quality, smartphones still aren't good enough to replace standalone cameras for now. Check out the full video below:

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