Following the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and the news that the company has already started working on S9, a report has surfaced stating that the South Korean smartphone maker is all set to test the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy X. However. It might take some more time before the prototypes are developed, according toTom's Guide.

The Korean conglomerate is still said to be in the stage of requesting components to manufacture 2000-3000 prototypes of the Galaxy, which is also dubbed Project Valley.

The publication said that this piece of information actually came from The Investor, a Korean online news service.

Phone Arena also reported citing sources that the foldable dual-screen prototype of the Galaxy X will have two AMOLED displays which will be connected by a hinge.

This test run on the said number of prototypes will determine whether the technology would work and then only Samsung will proceed further to mass produce the device.

Samsung had already released a prototype of a foldable smartphone with touch AMOLED display back in 2011. Although, the phone didn't look pretty but it gave some promising results. It held together even after 100,000 folds. The part where the folding took place lost only six percent of its brightness after that many folds.

Late last year, the company also filed a patent with the Korean Intellectual Property Office for a flip phone that "can be folded or unfolded semi-automatically", read the patent. The device, as illustrated in the patent, was long and narrow with a "flexible seam in the middle". The device can also supposedly fold by itself.

The Samsung Galaxy X is aiming to follow the successful launch of the Galaxy S8 launch when it was unveiled in Q3 of 2017, as some rumors have said. Another eagerly-awaited Samsung device, the Galaxy Note 8, will be unveiled in Q4 also of this year.